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A comforting holiday letter to the human kind

Opdateret: 15. nov. 2023

Dear Human

About being yourself. Sometimes we feel pressured to feel and be certain things. That can happen during Christmas time, when we might feel, that we are supposed to be happy, grateful, joyous, loving, giving, etc. It can also happen at all other times of the year. During the Summer Holiday, we might feel that we should be SO relaxed and happy spending time with our family, having all kinds of exciting experiences. New Year's Eve we should definitely have an exceptionally good time and go to bed very late! This letter is for you, who struggle to live up to the expectations of the world and of yourself:

So for example, during Christmas, we might be under pressure to live up to centain Christmas expectations: We all know, that feeling grateful is considered a good thing and so we want to live up to that, but sometimes, we just can’t feel it. My advice would be: Allow yourself to NOT feel grateful. Really allow what is. Relax into it. It's okay.

In the same way, we might have heard, that passing things on to others is a good thing, but sometimes we just don’t feel like giving away anything. My advice: Allow yourself to NOT give anything away. Relax. It's okay.

Just sit with it. Be honest. Be you. Be true. It’s beautiful.

We might feel like we should be joyful, but we just don’t feel any joy. Allow yourself to NOT feel joy! Allow yourself to feel what you ARE feeling...Sadness? Boredom? Anger? Relax. Let it be.

If you feel jealous or envious of those, who have, what you want. Allow yourself to feel envious! It’s so understandable. Why shouldn’t we feel envious? We long. That longing is beautiful. We fear, that we are not worthy. That we will never have, what they have. That really sucks! I get it.

If you are scared, allow yourself to feel scared. Even if it doesn’t match the way you see yourself. If you are human, you will get scared. There is no shame in that. No matter how tough you are. Congratulations and welcome to the club! (It’s such a big club!).

If you’re angry, allow yourself to be angry. Even if you can think of a thousand reasons why you “shouldn’t be”. Maybe you are so angry, that you feel like killing somebody (maybe even your spouse or your children). Don’t take that personally. Let it flow through you. Dance with it. Break or throw something (you can do that without hurting anybody, if you do it wisely). Yell. Growl. Again: We are many, many members in this club!

Do not shut yourself down!

If you are sad or you feel sorry for yourself, allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself. Oh the freedom! What a relief! And you don’t even need to feel ashamed of yourself for feeling as you do. You don’t need to condemn yourself. You really don't.

It’s actually perfectly okay. You are exactly as you should be. You are exactly where you should be! You are perfectly human.

Congratulations! This is good news. As soon as you allow yourself to be, who you are and to be, where you are, the door opens. The door to understanding, wisdom, compassion, acceptance, peace, love, joy, gratitude. And maybe you can even be a human kind. A kind human. Because you've stopped putting so much pressure on yourself.

If you don’t allow yourself to be Human and to be exactly where you are, it will be difficult for you to really grow, to deepen. It will be difficult to get to the place, that you long for. It will be difficult to discover, that you are, as you should be. That everything is good, as is.

For you are battling what is. You are battling reality. And you don’t see your own beauty. Your imperfect perfection. Your perfect imperfection.

Don’t fake it. Don’t pretend to feel things that you can’t feel. Be you! Lie down and surrender to what you feel right now.

Be true to yourself. And then those things you wish to feel, will enter you eventually, when you are ready, when you have surrendered to loving yourself as is, to accepting your human nature, as is.

You cannot skip stages. You cannot be somewhere that you are not. You are supposed to be You. It is your path and you are supposed to move at your speed.

Love that!

Love being You!

Be a Human kind!

PS: The club membership is for free and it is life long!

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